Final blog submission (Reflecting)

To my understanding some of the most useful activities that I the most benefit from, were the ones that required myself to be more hands on. These were the news readings and video recording exercises that were mandatory to read aloud. It was this type of learning that in fact encouraged myself to gain a better understanding of speaking professionally. According to Russell (2009) Learning is movement, the sensation of position, movement, tensions and so forth received through the body. Without movement there can be no expression or learning.

The exercises that required myself to speak aloud a news script or use hand gestures whilst doing a piece to camera, ultimately were very valuable exercises as challenging as they were. Another activity I wish to identify as useful to my learning is week fours activity watching the movie “In a world”. In particular this movie, gave informative information on how people use their voice. From using performance voice, to warm ups or their diet this movie is very insightful on the techniques used for voice over. The last activity I’d like to refer to is no activity in particular but the every video that has been researched and provided throughout the terms activities. These are very insightful to learning and gaining a better idea of speech and script in general. To my understanding each week’s reading provides a video after each topic of discussion. I found that reading and then viewing what was just read, gave myself a more in-depth understanding of the courses theory work. Not only understanding course theory but the provided videos really assisted in attempting workbook and portfolio activities. While I cannot name every single provided video a prime example is week sevens discussion of piece to camera, where Charlie brokers how to report the news is a suggested a video to view. This video was extremely helpful in not only attempting to perform a piece to camera but again understanding the world of voice. Another example I will refer to is week fours study guide where the use of performance is discussed through posture gesture resonance and so on. After that weeks discussion a concluded video of how to have a deep voice is provided to watch. After reading the study guide and then being given a video to watch gave myself a better a better understanding fundamentally of whats expected and how to use performance voice.

At this stage of the course I do believe my knowledge of speaking and script writing has improved. As I had previously identified the activities beneficial to my learning; this is the main reason why. However when it comes to using my voice in news reporting I still believe there is more room for improvement. This is because it is not an easy task, for myself to achieve over a few weeks as it will take me some time to feel completely confident and having a perfectly presented voice. This course has helped me identity and understand key learning skills in having a professional voice. It is evident that having a professional voice is a necessary requirement in all aspects of career opportunity.

Using a blog as a place to carry out the activities has been quite enjoyable. I found it very appealing being able to create and design my own blog in its own distinctive style. In terms of the blogging journey this has been a useful tool as a place to discuss and display video and voice recordings. The blog is most useful for placing URL videos that provide assistance for the reader to further comprehend what was written. It is also useful for using videos not as a tool for understanding but as a resource to provide reference to what was written.

In terms of the final assessment piece I have some level of confidence in tackling this piece. However there is still some concern I have that will be overcome with more research and review of activities and weekly readings.  Research about the basics of state government will be done to retain information that I had learnt long ago. I have also been researching and reading on maiden speeches to give myself a better understanding of what’s expected.  If there are any final issues or concerns I have that cannot be answered by research and weekly readings then I will approach my internal lecturer for further queries.

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Russell, L., 2009. Kinesthetic Learning for Adolescents.

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