Week Nine

Drafted Script


Audio Visual
Narrator: In today’s news Member for Rockhampton, NAME has recently given their first speech to parliament.

NAME reportedly took to the stage to express their concerns towards Rockhampton’s hospitals.


This is Win local news, I’m Bonnie Cheung.


Narrator: Elderly members of the community may be delighted to find their next trip to the hospital might be just be a whole lot easier. Rockhampton’s newest MP NAME took to their new role to insist that Rockhamton’s Mater hospital finally have some parking.

NAME goes on to state the risks that this concern imposes.


Narrator:  NAME then demanded that the parliament do not open up anymore services without providing the additional parking. VO – FOOTAGE OF HOPSITAL CARPARKS
NAME: “You can’t and I repeat you cannot keep opening up hospitals, opening up wards, opening up departments or adding services without the equivalent parking to go with it.”


Narrator: NAME then went on to inform the house of the need for more specialists at Rockhamptons public hospital. They strongly insisted that to rule out patients waiting, specialists need to be living in town.



NAME builds up her argument opposing that the force to wait can kill lives.


DOCTOR (NAME): discussing that patients are waiting and why we need specialists now


NAME: “Whether it’s a fortnight or monthly basis that can be your brother, your sister, your mother, your father, your sons and your daughters forced to wait. Delayed action results in early death.” GRAB

Dry Run Recording

Firstly my recording is approximately one page and goes for about 1.20 seconds. It is suggested that the selected news story go for about approximately two minutes. From drafting and reading this exercise it has become evident to myself that writing about two pages of script should fulfill two minutes or maybe a little more. Secondly I feel as there are some good points where certain words and areas are pronounced clearly and sound some what like a news reader. However please note I only said some good points. There are a couple of areas I feel I need to work on. I need to work harder at making my words sound clearer. I also need to work harder at maintain and finding a style of news writing rather than sounding like I’m just reading. I also feel that at times my voice can be a little high pitched when pronouncing certain words, therefore I will work on lowering my voice more . These problematic areas can be improved with more practice and constantly reading my script over and over. Ames (2016) points out that preparation of the presentation is only half of the material. It is important to rehearse and lessen the intensity of fear.


Ames, K 2016, Study Guide Lesson 10 – Delivering speech, COMM 12033, CQUniveristy, Rockhampton, 06 May.





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