Week Eight

Oral Presentation

Power point Reflection

Berkon and Wolvin (1998) point out that the chance of a speech’s success rate increases,  If a speech is well ordered. They go on to state that “Experienced speakers know (1) that if a presentation is to be effective, it must be understood and (2) that if a presentation is to be understood, it must be organized logically.” I found this activity very useful in gaining a better idea of how to tackle the required Maiden speech. In general all speeches contain an introduction body and conclusion. I used these elements to structure my speech and organize the way in which the speech will be conducted. Berkon and Wolvin (1998) discuss that using a “central idea” points out the purpose of the presentation and a specific statement of the main idea.

This is was an interesting point to read and so I incorporated this into my Maiden speech structure.  It made me reflect on what exactly was the point of Bill Byrnes speech? And so I included “what he hopes to achieve” as this is a necessary point of topic. I found from the weekly readings and breaking down the speech into a structure; further improved my knowledge on speech writing.Using headings to break down what I will discuss in detail provides an easier of tackling the speech. Notably also taking in the rule of thirds, as my power point structure uses four topics of issues to discuss. I have done this to provide myself with more choices and ideas and will choose the best ones to discuss in the final Maiden speech.

Chapter 13: Public Speaking – Structuring the Message in Berko R., Wolvin, A., & Wolvin, D. (eds.), 1998, Communication : a social and career focus, Houghton  Mifflin Company, Boston, pp. 326-353.


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