Week Six


Locker and Kaczmarek (2011) developed the PAIBOC questions.  The PAIBOC approach has been used to identify the ‘purpose’ of the assignment. By then once the purpose is clear, the second question becomes who the ‘audience’ is and then what ‘information’ must be sent across. What ‘Benefits’ will support your position and the fourth question while identifying the ‘objections’ and what context the speech will be written.

Purpose: what is the purpose of your speech/talk?

The purpose of the speech is the opportunity for a new member to outline to the parliament what the electorate hopes to achieve. The speech will discuss Bill Byrne in terms of the Rockhampton electorate and the local issues surrounding that area. The purpose of the speech will also discuss and reinforce the key messages the electorate clearly wants to impart to the wider parliamentary community.

Audience: who is your audience?

The electoral district of Rockhampton is based on the city south of the Fitzroy River as well as most parts of the city north of the River. The audience will be the locals based in these areas, as well as the parliament. According to Queensland labor (2015) The suburbs surrounding the Rockhampton electorate are Rockhampton City, Rockhampton West, and Grace mere ultimately these are also considered as an audience. Another audience to consider is different types of media outlets, such as local outlets like television and newspaper. Another audience will be Hansdard, which the Parliament of Australia (2016) refer to as a place where all debates are shortly published after the chamber/committee proceedings have included.

Information: what information is required that is in alignment with the purpose and Audience?

The information that will be required is the issues surrounding the electoral district. From substantial research thee could be Unemployment, flooding, Roads, hospital parking and specialists, crime and education.  The speech will only discuss three of these selected and generally touch on this issues but propose a solution.

Benefits: how can you write/speak in such a way that the audience hears ‘what’s in it for them’ or gets something out of it.

The speech will be written to persuade the audience to truly believe that these issues have the potential to create a brighter future. That the electorate respects and cares about the people and communities greater needs to create a promising future.

Objections: what objections might you expect your listeners to have? This will influence what is emphasized/de-emphasised, or addressed, in your speech/talk.

The Opposition may object to political views held by the speaker.

Context: what is the context in which you are giving your speech/talk? Issues such as staff morale, economic climate, social climate, will have an influence on how you are  received.

The speech will be well received by the supporters of Rockhampton, as it will discuss key issues in this area. The opposition may not be as receiving, as these are not issues that affect them. However if i were to touch in my speech that certain issues in Rockhampton affect Queensland as whole . This shows the compassion and devotion as a state politician Bill Byrne has not only to his electorate but his intentions for the greater good.

Locker Kitty and Kaczmarek Stephen (2011): Business communication – Building Critical Skills, McGraw- Hill Irwin.

Queenslandlabour. 2015. Bill Byrne MP for Rockhampton. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.queenslandlabor.org/candidate/bill-byrne/. [Accessed 26 April 2016].


Parliment Of Australia. 2016. Hansard. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard. [Accessed 11 May 2016].

Formal and Impromptu speech



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