Week Four

Recording News Script


News Recording Reflection 

In comparison of news reading one to news reading two, there is a significant difference in terms of sound. Although there is still more room for improvement, week four’s recording sounds more polished.  According to an article by Neil, Worrall, Day and Hickson (2003) professional newsreaders should be able to speak a fundamental frequency, a faster rate of speech, fewer pronunciation errors, vocal quality, emphasis, continuity, phrasing, and have a style of news reading.

The main technique used in this speech was performance. Changing the way the script was spoken in order to sound more professional. As the reader I was able to turn my performance voice on and off.  In doing this, it provided an easier gateway to finding a style of news reading. Using a performance voice also encompassed using the technique of emphasis. This practice made what seemed like a challenging task much feel much more achievable. A prime example of using performance voice is Ted Williams, a homeless man who is able to transform his voice into sounding like a professional radio presenter. Towards the end of the video we are revealed to his regular voice, in which is naturally quite deep and refined. It is remarkable to observe how he uses this to alter his voice to a performance level.

To produce fewer pronunciation errors, the techniques suggested in the weeks reading such as articulation and breathing were used. The technique of articulation consisted of using the tongue, mouth and lips in order to produce a clear and distinctive sound from other sounds. To speak clear this also ensured that the right posture was used. Through elevated shoulders and a straight back, this allowed the words to be heard clearly. In a module by Ames (2016) it is discussed that projection and resonance are two key aspects that are easily affected, when it comes to breathing and speech. To speak at a continuous pace as well using vocal quality, it was important that as the speaker, breathing was controlled.

From this task it was learnt that In order to present news in a professional manner there are a lot of physical and emotional aspects to remember. There is still room for improvement with pronunciation errors and high pitched tones that are evident at times. I need to work on sounding less like I’m just reading and perform with a more smooth and deeper tone.

Ames, K 2016, Study Guide Lesson 4 – Performance, COMM 12033, CQUniveristy, Rockhampton, 30 March.

Neil, E., Worrall, L. E., Day, A. and Hickson, L. M. H. (2003) Voice and speech characteristics and vocal hygiene in novice and professional voice broadcast journalists. Advances in Speech-Language Pathology, 5 1: 1-14.

RT. (2011). ‘Golden Voice’ homeless man finds job, home after viral video success. [Online Video]. 6 January 2011. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rPFvLUWkzs&feature=youtu.be. [Accessed: 28 April 2016].

In a World (2013) Review

Competing with her father and his main rival, vocal coach Carol competes for the voice-over trailer for a high budget movie. In a world reflects the stereotypical gender roles we view of male and female voice over’s. In a male dominated industry , this is  challenged when Carol becomes the first female voice over to pronounce the words  “in a world”.

Carols voice is well trained and through the movie we are shown her versatility as she can adapt to any genre of trailer. It is interesting observing some of the techniques used towards achieving voice over. The movie effectively demonstrates the techniques that are used to alter the sound of voice. In one scene we are shown a lady with a cork in her mouth pronouncing vowels. In another we are shown the actors using warm water to gargle in their mouth. Carol used an interesting technique which incorporated her diet. Noticeably she would eat specific food to assist her voice. We are shown creatively how the actors can switch from their regular voice to a performance voice.

As we come to learn through the movie the use of voice and conversation crafts our identities. People view and hear movie trailers all the time through media. This shows the power of voice over and how it can transcend a generation. The power of voice can provide assistance for everyday life. The techniques displayed in the movie demonstrate how sound can be evolved to our own personal benefit.




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