Week One


Hi my names Bonnie Cheung. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Professional Communication, majoring in advanced media production at CQUniversity. This is currently my second last subject for the professional communication degree. In my time at CQUniversity I have also discovered my love for design and photography and cannot wait to move on over to studying that after this course. My aims in terms of this course, are to improve and feel confident within my speech skills and abilities, to a more professional standard.

The Importance Of Voice

Julia Gillard’s voice speaks quite strongly and confidently. There is no doubt that Gillard is one of Australia’s most influential political presences recognized worldwide today. However at times I find myself distracted as her voice always appears constrained and mechanical. According to an article written by Wilson (2010) it discuses that in Peter Hartcher’s recent opinion piece he refers to Gillard’s voice as a manufactured Aussie accent.

My reaction to this speech is highly influenced by the delivery. In this speech Gillard comes across as very persistent to be heard. The scripted robotic like sound she produces is quite distracting and deters away from understanding the heart of the speech. Notably she is waving her hands and arms around almost in an aggressive manner. These gestures along with her tone suggest that this is a very important issue to her and that she is quite feisty about it. Her delivery of the speech in terms of content is well backed up. However this not effectively heard or understand due to her fast paced aggressive tone. Although she has quite a powerful speech with reasonable argument, her consistent shouting and aggressive manner towards Tony Abbot is far too distracting.

Blanchet’s voice is very much more refined yet the delivery is strong. In her farewell speech to former Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, she thanks him for making tertiary education free for all Australians. I believe that if Gillard approached her ‘Misogyny’ speech to Parliament in this way of delivery, the speech would have a much more powerful effect. Blanchet’s soft, calm womanly tone draws the listener in there is no distraction to deter. In result, this approach of speech is much more powerfully influential by not only the way of delivery but content that is able to be heard and understood.

Notably an interesting point I’d like to point out is a few lines Gillard speaks towards Tony Abbott. As she express’s her indignant  towards him saying she hopes Abbott has a letter to write out his recognition and a mirror to look in. This is a very persuasive delivery and It is remarkable to observe both forms of passion however I find Blanchet’s much more successful.


ABC. 2014. Blog: Gough Whitlam farewelled as giant of Australian politics at Sydney Town Hall memorial. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-11-05/former-pm-gough-whitlam-farewelled/5867418. [Accessed 08 March 16].

Aidan Wilson . 2010. Gillard’s intellect and Blanchett’s voice?. [ONLINE] Available at: http://blogs.crikey.com.au/fullysic/2010/07/01/gillards-intellect-and-blanchetts-voice/. [Accessed 08 March 16].


News Reading

The following is the link to my news report reading that is required for this weeks task.

Firstly I do not like the sound of my own voice however I do believe a strength I have is being able to flow my words together and maintain tone. I tend to talk to slow and to fast at times while pronouncing some words unclearly. It is quite obvious that I need to improve on making my words sound clearer. This was especially noticeable when reading the weather report. During the news reading my voice at times tended to get a bit croaky. In doing this exercise I found it to be quite easy in terms of reading aloud as this is something I do not struggle with. lastly I realized the importance to breath, as reading something so quickly and clearly can be quite exhausting. At this stage I am not feeling confident enough to be reading the news.  I still feel as though there is much more I need to work on to speak at a professional level of standards.



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